Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is the perfect decoration method for most metal items as well as glass wear. The surface of the item is bombarded with laser particles to “etch” your design permanently into the surface. Most engraving results in a tone-on-tone effect, but many coloured items such as pens will engrave by exposing the base colour below the top surface colouring e.g. a red pen may engrave silver or gold. The advantage of laser engraving is firstly, it offers a very classy look and secondly, it is permanent and will not wear off with use over time. Laser engraving can achieve astonishingly fine detail. A darkened logo effect can be achieved with engraved logos by adding an optional oxidation treatment.
Laser engraving is best suited to the following metal promotional gifts:
1) Pens.
2) Keyrings.
3) Wine Glasses and Beer Mugs.
4) USB flash drives.
5) Drink Bottles & Mugs.
6) Bottle Openers and Multi-Tools.
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