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monograma tshirt screen printingFrom a single t-shirt to hundreds, at Monograma we can turn your logo or design into a high-quality t-shirt that's printed or embroidered to your specifications. Monograma offers t-shirt printing in Australia for individuals and companies. With a wide range of long and short sleeve t-shirts in stock, ready to be printed with your design, you can create a look that matches your exact specifications. All you need to do is send the artwork, which can be edited by our in-house designers if needed, and we will advise on the most cost-effective way to create your t-shirts.

Promotional t-shirts

A great way to get your company out there, without having to pay for advertising, is to give away promotional t-shirts. Customers love receiving these t-shirts, and will often wear them in their day to day lives, so you get brand exposure each time they put them on. For these sorts of promotions to be successful, the items need to be subtle and high quality. Look for custom t-shirt printing in Sydney where techniques such as t-shirt screen printing are used, as this is ideal for creating high quantities of t-shirts at a cost-effective rate. Some of the designs you can use on t-shirts include:

  • Company logos
  • Website addresses
  • Event details
  • Photos or illustrations

There are endless options to create promotional t-shirts, and Monograma can help you choose the right style for your promotion, whether you want a simple design or an elaborate print.

Casual work uniforms

If you want to create a work uniform, without being too formal, then use Monograma's services for custom t-shirt printing in Australia to create a bulk order. Easy to wear with jeans or trousers, t-shirts help your employees stand out but keep them looking approachable. They're also handy for staff who do staff visits, as they identify people as being part of your company. From a few t-shirts to hundreds, Monograma can create casual work uniforms that match your company's colours and style.

When running an event, it can be helpful to have t-shirts made so that people can locate staff quickly and easily. We have bright colours available, so staff can stand out in a crowd and be identified.


Whether it's a school sports team, a kick about in the park, or a more serious league, using customised t-shirts is an easy way to dress your team. Printed with your team's logo, plus a number and name, these t-shirts are an easy way to show your team spirit. Available in a range of colours, you can be sure they'll match your team colour, and you can also choose coordinating hoodies, towels, bags and more. With comfortable pure cotton t-shirts available, they'll keep your team comfortable during those tough games.


During the warmer months, our printed or embroidered t-shirts are ideal for school wear. Choose a comfortable cotton t-shirt with smart school logo for sports lessons, or part of your uniform. With kids and adult sizes available, you can even choose matching items for adults who are teachers or coaches.

Fun t-shirts for friends & family

monograma printed tshirtsWith endless style combinations available, custom t-shirts are ideal for all sorts of fun occasions with family and friends. Transfer printing allows for smaller orders, and allow for single or multi-colour designs. These designs can be created for:

  • Birthdays and special occasions
  • Nights out
  • Holidays
  • Visits to theme parks and days out

Not only are these t-shirts fun, they make it easier to see each other in the crowd if you are going somewhere like an airport. Opt for custom t-shirt printing in Australia and you'll have lots of different options that allow you to create a t-shirt that shows off your family or friends' fun style.

Quick turnaround

Nobody wants to wait weeks for their product to be made, and Monograma can create orders in five to ten days. However, for smaller orders, you can choose same day t-shirt printing in Sydney CBD, allowing you to meet your deadlines. So whether you're throwing a party or starting a marketing campaign, it's easy to get suitable t-shirts made.


There are lots of techniques that can be used to make your order, depending on the design, quantity and style. Monograma create custom shirts in Australia using techniques such as transfer printing and screen printing, or embroidery for adding logos.

If you want an even more bespoke design, then ask about dye sublimation printing. This allows you to create your own print, and is great for jersey printing, as well as a range of other fabrics. If you want to add photographs, opt for direct to garment printing, which works best on cotton, so is great for t-shirts and hoodies. Both these techniques create really eye-catching designs that are great for promotional or fun items.


When creating a t-shirt, it's worth considering if there will be any limitations when you make a design. For example, if you're looking to print your own t shirt in Sydney, you'll need a Vector file with the image, or will need to have one of our designers create one from your own file. We will be able to discuss the best way to print your design based on the quantity and complexity of the image, and can make suggestions to help you get the best result.

There are many different ways to use custom t-shirts, from professional to fun, and at Monograma we have a range of techniques to ensure everything is made to the highest standard. Whether it's an embroidered logo or a colourful, all-over print, there are lots of options, so you can let your imagination run wild. With matching items such as caps, hoodies, polo shirts, and shirts available, you can create an entire uniform, or simply make some great promotional items. Simply call us on 1300 769 689 to find out more.

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