Transfer printing

Transfer prints are an ideal decoration solution for larger designs with smaller quantity orders or for items where the construction or shape of the product makes screen printing difficult or impossible for technical reasons, such as some cooler bags and backpacks. We do single colour or multi-colour transfer printing. Individual names and numbers, e.g. for football jerseys, are best printed using this method. Transfer printing cannot achieve the same precision in respect of matching PMS colours as does screen or pad printing, as transfers are either printed in CMYK or cut from a wide range of stock colour transfer materials. Transfers are applied under heat and pressure to ensure maximum durability.
Transfer prints are best suited to the following personalised merchandise products:
1) T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Safety Vests.
2) Hoodies, Spray Jackets & Hi-Vis Jackets.
3) Tradie Work Shirts.
4) Sports Bags, Backpacks, Laptop Bags & Satchels.
5) Soccer Jerseys, Sports Shorts & Yoga Pants.
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