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5 Awesome Company Gift Ideas for Your Employees

Rewarding good performing employees is a great way to increase their motivation at work. It signifies that the company values their contributions, especially if they are performing beyond expectations. Acknowledging the efforts of your employees does wonders in terms of their overall confidence. Knowing that their hard work is being recognized means that they are Read More

Embroidery Design Tips for Your Workplace Uniform

Creating a professional-looking company uniform brings plenty of advantages for any business owner. It helps increase your brand’s visibility and is an affordable yet effective form of marketing. If you want to enhance the look of your workplace uniforms, then you should definitely consider embroidery. Adding small details can transform workwear from a plain, boring Read More

Workplace Uniform Design Tips

Company uniforms play an important role for any business. They make your employees easier to identify and it helps promote your business when executed properly. Sharp, detailed workwear gives off an air of professionalism which helps draw the attention of many of your consumers. Implementing company uniforms are one thing, but designing them is another Read More

The ROI of Promotional Product Giveaways

Considering a new marketing campaign to push your brand out into the world? One method that we think is often overlooked and arguably underrated is the use of promotional products, which can be in the form of company-branded merchandise such as pens and reusable water bottles or one of the actual products that your company Read More

Why Eco-Friendly Products are Great for your Marketing Campaign

Pardon the pun, but global warming has become the hot topic of the past several years. Whether we like it or not, we as humans have a bit of an obligation to reverse or at the very least repair the damage we’ve done to our Mother Earth, regardless of whether we are motivated to do Read More

Beat the Heat this 2018 with Summer-Ready PPE

Although the winter weather might be tricky to deal with, the summer months bring with it its own unique set of challenges. Because our bodies constantly generate heat that increases when we do any sort of work that requires physical exertion, trying to stay cool in the heat is a lot harder than trying to Read More

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Merch Madness – Promotional Product Trends From 2018

Like the many years before it, 2018 is nearing its end just as fast as it came. And with the ever-increasing pace of innovation nowadays, it’s not hard to see why. As customers’ wants and needs change over time, companies have to respond and change their strategies to reach those same customers; and over the Read More

Give Your Online Ad Campaigns A Boost With Physical Promotional Products

Social media platforms are by far the fastest, easiest, and most convenient place to advertise nowadays. This is not really surprising when you consider the dual nature of the Internet. Although the sheer size and global reach of the Internet’s user base makes advertising generally safe and predictable to an extent, there is always the Read More

A Quick Guide on Custom Embroidered Products

What do businesses, school varsity teams, and sports or music fans have in common? They all like to wear matching pieces of clothing or accessories. It is widely known in the field of psychology that having a common detail in clothing or accessories – like, say, a colour scheme or a logo – promotes the Read More

6 Surprising Benefits of Getting Custom-Printed T-Shirts for Your Business

You know that branding your small business is important to your success, but did you know these six ways custom-printed t-shirts can help you build a stronger brand identity and promote your business? In a competitive market, branding helps you stand out from the crowd and earn loyal customers. If you’re trying to create a Read More

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